How do I make a donation?

Go to our How To Donate Page for information.

Can donations be made anytime?

Yes, we welcome and appreciate any generous contributions. If donations are made but not to any specific affected family, the Directors, by a majority vote, will decide where to distribute the funds.

When do the Directors of the Fund meet?

The Directors meet quarterly or should the need arise to make any urgent decision requiring a quorum.

How do I know if a family has had a house fire?

A page on the website will be placed to alert patrons that a family has endured a fire and needs our assistance.

Who do I contact for assistance concerning the Fund?

Simply, email Donnie Buffo at Call him at 303-666-8572 and please leave a message.

Is this fund connected with the Louisville Fire Protection District?

No, this Fund is strictly and separate entity, governed by 1 Louisville Fire Protection District Board Member, 1 Active Louisville Fire Fighter, 1 retired Louisville Fire Fighter, 1 Louisville business person and 1 Louisville citizen. We are a non-profit organization and registered with the IRS, Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Secretary of State.

How will the public know about my house fire?

With your permission the we will contact the local newspapers and social media links to inform them that you are in need of assistance and to visit our website for further details.

How do I receive donated funds after a fire?

When donations are received in the 202 checking account, or Pay Pal account, the family will receive a check, from the 202 Fire Victim Assistance Fund, made out to them when the family has made a request. Checks will be signed by 2 Directors of the governing body.

How are needed household items collected?

A designated drop off area will be provided by the affective family and posted on the website.

How will donors know what personal items need to be replaced?

The stricken family will provide the Fund Website Manager, a list of household items they need and it will be placed on the website and updated as needed?

Can affective families create a registry on the Target Website for items they need replaced?

Yes, in fact we encourage they created a registry so patrons know exactly what house hold goods are needed. Our website will inform the public about your registry.

Are donations used for management of the Fund, website or Louisville Fire Protection District?

Absolutely not, the operation of the Fund functions with volunteer hours, as well as out of pocket personal money, by the creator of the Fund. All specified donations are returned to victims in need.

Why is it called the 202 Fire Victim Assistance Fund?

The creator of the Fund uses 202 in remembrance of one of the front line pumpers of the Louisville Fire Department, Engine 202, a 1952 International, that was in service back in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s and was retired in 1982. It was truly a work horse that saved property and lives.


What other help can I receive after suffering a fire?

The website will provide you additional information regarding what to do on the “After The Fire” Page. Hopefully, this will help you return to a life of normalcy.

I am not a property owner, I rent, can I still use the fund toward the road of recovery?

Definitely, the fund is for all patrons in the Louisville Fire Protection District who are in need of assistance after suffering an unexpected emergency.

After I have had a fire, can I talk to someone who has had one as well?

We have a family that survived a house fire. They are willing to visit with you and share some facts regarding their experience.

Can I donate something other than money and house hold items?

Certainly, when families are displaced and sent to a hotel, for an extended period of time, gift cards to local restaurants are an immense help when cooking is not possible. A mailing address of where the family is receiving mail will be provided on the website.